How (And Why) To Convert Your Website Into An Android App

In the competitive environment of the internet no one can afford to not take advantage of every opportunity to get their name out to as many people as possible. Because there is so much competition for traffic, a wise website owner keeps track of any development that can lead to an increase in exposure for their site.

It wasn’t that long ago that email marketing was a crucial part of website exposure, and for many websites it still is, but the truth is that it isn’t quite the force it used to be. Because times change, and on the internet they change very quickly, anyone who owns a website needs to stay plugged into the culture of the online world.

The History of Android

A few years ago, Google developed an open source platform called Android and since its release Android has come to dominate mobile devices. The reason for this is twofold, first Google did an excellent job of marketing Android, second, Android is open source which means that anyone can develop software to use with it.

This usability has driven Android to the top of the ladder behind the millions of users who have created and used the millions of apps that are part of Android. So what does this all mean for the website owner?

Consider Turning Website into App

To put it simply, the explosion of Android apps means that any website owner should give converting their website into an Android app serious consideration. While there will always be a need for a website to compete on the internet, more and more people are turning to apps for a lot of their information and commerce.

Android apps are designed for use on mobile devices and this means that people can use them without having to have a computer with them. For this reason, many people who used to spend hours in front of a computer are now spending hours fiddling with their cell phone or tablet, and while most of these devices can get online, most users prefer to use apps instead.

What this means for those who own websites is that in order to stay competitive they have to convert their website into an app. Whether it’s just a blog that downloads content daily, or it’s a site that sells women’s clothing, if you don’t have an app you are missing out on potentially reaching millions of customers.

This is not saying that your website is no longer valid, because as long as there is an internet, websites will be a good thing to have, it is only saying that Android apps create a unique opportunity to increase your exposure.

Turning Website into App: The Benefits

It is pretty obvious that there are some serious benefits to converting a website into an Android app, but there is also an obvious stumbling block in the process, and that is the how of the whole thing. How does someone take a website and convert it into an app? In fact, is it even possible to convert some websites into Android apps at all? The answer to these two questions is that it is actually quite easy to convert a website into an app and yes, it can be done to any website.

The great thing about converting a website into an Android app is that most of the work has already been done. All that effort put into designing the layout, putting up the content and everything else will be just as useful now as it was when you did it all. The reason for this is quite simple.

While you want to convert your website into an Android app, you don’t want to have to create everything over, and thankfully you don’t have to. Whether you decide to make the app yourself (and there are lots of apps out there to help you do that) or you have a professional app developer (and yes there are lots of those out there too) do the converting for you, you won’t have to change much about the way your website looks at all.

Choices in Converting Website into App

When it comes to doing the actual conversion of the website you have three choices. The first choice is that you can learn how to create an app from scratch an then do it yourself. For those of you who enjoy learning how to program and don’t mind the extra work this is probably the best option.

While there are some people who enjoy learning new things, there is also an issue of time. For a busy person who still wants to have the experience of “making an app” their best bet is to download one of the hundreds of app making apps out there (Google has one that is perfect for conversion) and use this app to get it done fairly fast while still feeling like they did the work themselves.

For those who have neither the inclination nor time required to do the app making themselves, the best option is to probably pay someone to do it for you. While this will take some of the fun out of it, there are a lot of high quality app developers out there that would be more than happy to do it for you.

In the end there isn’t even a question as to why someone would want to convert their website to an app. Just like when the internet first started and everyone had to have a website, the same thing is true about having to have an Android app. Android is the current wave and anyone who wants to stay in the game needs to make sure they get involved in the Android revolution.

While any change can be a bit frightening, this one is one you must take on because if you don’t, you will be left behind. This isn’t doom saying or trying to sell you something, this is a plain and simple fact. Android is the future, and right now that future is coming very fast.

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